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Our Ingredients

Our tattoo and piercing aftercare products contain 100% pure, USDA certified organic ingredients.

  • Rosa Damascena /Organic Bulgarian Rose Otto-Rose Oil/: Refreshes, nourishes and soothes the skin. Rose Otto fights free radicals and stimulates collagen production that helps slow down the aging process. It has a toning and astringent effect and is known to improve circulation. Conditions the skin and helps retain tattoo colors bright. 
  • Lavandula Angustifolia /Organic Bulgarian Lavender Oil/: Has healing and anti-fugal properties. Calms and soothes the skin and prevents rashes and breakouts. Helps your body fight against inflammations, eczema, cuts, bruises, abrasions, burns and sores. 
  • Triticum Vulgare /Organic Wheat Germ Oil/: Rich in vitamin E, A and D, and Omega 3 fatty acids, the wheat germ oil softens and moisturizes the skin. It helps the body fight skin irritation, including dryness and chapping. Emollient oil that absorbs easy and scabbing.
  • Simmondsia Chinensis /Organic Jojoba Oil/: Softens and smooths the skin and helps regenerate skin faster. Has antibacterial effect, and is used to treat wide range of skin disorders.
  • Prunus Armeniaca /Organic Apricot Kernel Extract/: Helps soothe inflammation and is famous of its nourishing and revitalizing properties. Rich in nitrilosides and Linoleic Acid, it helps dry, irritated and sensitive skin heal faster.
  • Prunus Dulcis /Organic Sweet Almond Extract/: Slows down the loss of moisture from the outermost layer of the skin. Sweet Almond Extract is extremely rich in skin nourishing components and helps alleviate itching and inflammation.
  • Genus apis /Organic Beeswax/: Has emollient, soothing and softening properties and helps the skin retain moisture. Beeswax has healing, antiseptic and mitigating effect and it's anti-bacterial properties protect the skin from infections.
  • Olea Europaea /Organic Olive Oil/: Soften skin, protects and improves elasticity. Olive oil is high in poly-phenols, an essential class of antioxidants known to slow down the aging process. Helps sooth and smooth abrasions and burns. 
  • Cannabis Sativa /Organic Hemp Seed Oil/: Prevent moisture loss and offers relief to itching and swelling. It is the nutritional of all oils and provides some ultraviolet protection.
  • Rosmarinus Officinalis /Organic Rosemary Extract/: Improves blood circulation, disinfects and reduces swelling. Has strong anti-bacterial properties that protect new tattoos from infections. It tones skin and significantly reduce redness.
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