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About Us

We have always been eco-friendly maniacs!

Our main business is growing certified organic essential plants (mainly Rosa Damascena and Lavandula Vera) and the production of eco-friendly, organic skin and personal care products.

Besides being eco freaks, we are obsessed with tattoos. While living in Eastern Europe, tattoo art has become a substantial part of our existence.

At the beginning, we all went through using large quantities of Vaseline, other chemical based creams and toxic ointments for treating new tattoos. As being eco maniacs, we could not accept the fact that using these chemical-based products and products with ingredients grown with tons of pesticides are the only options for us.

With the help of our good friends and professional tattoo artists, we created the first Rose Tattoo Aftercare product, specifically designed for our own personal use. First, our friends started to ask about our homemade tattoo salve. Then, friends of friends started to ask about it. Why not offer it to all tattoo artists and tattoo fans as that they can also enjoy an environmentally friendly, pure and healthy option?!

So, here we are with our most trusted, super healing, USDA certified organic tattoo aftercare products!

We hope you enjoy them as much as we do!
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