Piercing Aftercare - 10pcs Case
Piercing Aftercare - 10pcs Case

Piercing Aftercare - 10pcs Case

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  • Box with 10 pieces 
  • USDA Certified Organic, 100% VEGAN
  • Developed by Professional Piercers. Made in Europe
  • For Fast & Easy Healing
  • Liquid Serum - bottle w/ dropper - 1/2 fl oz (15mL)
  • Great for ear plugs & jewelry

After many months of hard work we have developed a super healing body piercing serum. It's an unique blend of natural botanicals which have been used for thousand of years. After extensive research on the different tribal rituals; careful studying of the properties of different botanicals, and conducting thousands of experiments we have finished our Rose Body Piercing Aftercare.
This handcrafted piercing healing serum is made of the finest quality, most active, 100% natural and organic ingredients. We use no synthetic chemicals, preservatives or artificial colors.

Direction: Apply few drops directly to your skin and piercing