Tattoo Aftercare Rose Balm
Tattoo Aftercare Rose Balm
Tattoo Aftercare Rose Balm

Tattoo Aftercare Rose Balm

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  • The First Certified Organic Tattoo Aftercare in Europe
  • Developed by Tattoo Artists
  • Made with Certified Organic Rose Oil (Rose Otto)
  • Healing & Protecting; Soothing and Relieving
  • Two Sizes - 0.67 fl oz (20mL) and 1.35 fl oz (40mL)

Our Rose Tattoo Aftercare is an USDA Certified Organic product. This specially formulated tattoo ointment, infused with the finest organic ingredients, aids faster healing and superior color protection as compared to any other tattoo healing aid on the market. It is based on 100% natural, USDA certified organic ingredients that are chemically free grown and contains no toxins or other synthetic compounds. By choosing Rose Tattoo Aftercare, you do something good for yourself and for the environment. Recommended by some of the best tattoo artists in Europe.
Minimizes the chance of infection
Eliminates the formation of scabs that cause color gaps
Promotes proper and faster healing
Soothes and relieves itching and swelling during healing
Has antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties
Enhances and preserved the clarity, brightness and boldness of colors
Suitable for Micro pigmentation/ Permanent Make-up
Moisturizes, rejuvenates and nourishes skin
Does not pull the ink out
Suitable for skin that is damaged, chapped, scraped, sun-or wind-burned